Directing, for Lauren, simply means telling a story. A good director knows the most impactful way to take the ideas and structures from their mind and showcase it through video. Lauren’s passion, dedication and purpose is and has always been rooted in storytelling.

For many years, Lauren interned at various production companies and did freelance videography, but ended up losing her enthusiasm for film. Why? Because so much of what was out there lacked a story. She was shocked to learn this creative industry wasn’t as creative as she’d hoped. It was your basic, “here’s what I want to show and here’s why you should like it”.

When Lauren decided to hone her skills into writing and directing, she found that spark again.  She wrote and directed her first short film entitled, The Booking, in 2018, which was selected for the Indie Film Charts in the UK. Since 2018, Lauren has directed over six music videos for various up and coming local artists with the production company Rubicon Pictures & Media. She has even taken up doing freelance videography again, but now it’s with more of a creative director approach that includes a narrative, making engaging content for various brands and establishments. Even the most basic videos need a story, and that’s why you need a director, like Lauren.

Music Videos

Lauren has directed music videos for artists like Jenna NATION, MC12, Tess McQuade, Oliver Forest, and many others. Interested in making a music video?

Short Films

With a passion for the horror and thriller genre, Lauren wrote and directed ‘The Booking’ in 2018 and is currently in pre-production on her next short which will be a feature proof of concept. Have an idea for a film but don’t know where to start?

Video Ads

Lauren started in this industry creating promotional web content for various brands and establishments. Interested in making a video for your growing business?