Lauren Guarneri is a director, writer and commercial drone operator based in Montreal, Quebec. She has her bachelor’s degree from Concordia University in Communication Studies with a minor in business studies. Her all around passion and dedication to her craft has made her a prominent figure in the Montreal film scene. With three years behind her belt in professional directing, many publications in the field of writing and one year of being an advanced certified drone operator, Lauren can do everything from conception, to shooting, editing and final delivery. A one stop shop for any of your video production needs.

Lauren Guarneri is a director, writer and drone operator based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. If that sounds cool, well, that’s because it is. With a background in communication and business studies, Lauren understands the world of multimedia and content creation as a means to attract the right audience. She focuses on video, from the very first step of generating an idea to delivering the final product to whatever platform your heart desires. A far cry from being your next generic, “here are the facts”, cookie cutter video, Lauren has an exceptional talent for creating stories. Because, let’s face it, you’re better than those generic videos by now. She already has three years of professional directing behind her belt, mostly in the form of music videos, and she is a Transport Canada advanced certified drone operator (one of very few females to do so in Canada). If you’ve come this far and you’re still intrigued, below, you’ll find a summary of her experience in more detail.